Who is Chelsea Lazkani, Selling Sunset’s newest cast member? (2023)

  • Lazkani may wear designer fashion and sell multimillion-dollar mansions, but her net worth can’t compare to co-stars Christine Quinn and Dancing with the Stars’ Chrishell Stause – yet
  • The British-born property mogul met her husband via Tinder and he introduced her to The Oppenheim Group – who he nearly bought Kanye West’s house from

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Updated: 7:00pm, 10 May, 2022

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Who is Chelsea Lazkani, Selling Sunset’s newest cast member? ›

Lazkani is 29 years old and was born in London to Nigerian immigrant parents. She has an undergraduate degree in economics and a masters in gas and oil economics. For a time, she worked as a business strategist and solar analyst before her move to Los Angeles in 2015, where she would meet her future husband.

Who is Chelsea Lazkani? ›

Lazkani is a luxury real estate agent at The Oppenheim Group, in Los Angeles, one of the most competitive markets in the world, in an industry not typically dominated by Black women.

Who is Jeff Lazkani? ›

As Managing Partner of Icon Media Direct, Jeff is a pioneer at the forefront of cutting edge Martech trends and a leader of the industry's pre-eminent TV/CTV performance agency.

Who is the new cast member on Selling Sunset? ›

Selling Sunset will also be introducing two new cast members to seasons 6 and 7 as realtors Nicole Young and Bre Tiesi join the Oppenheim group. Long-time Oppenheim group member Nicole, who has been at the company for over a decade, was originally meant to appear in the first season of the show.

Are Christine Quinn and Chelsea Lazkani still friends? ›

Though she remains friends with her former coworkers Chelsea Lazkani and Maya Vander, as well as upcoming cast members Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young, Quinn said she thinks season six of the show will "bomb."

What does Chelsea Lazkani do for a living? ›

Chelsea also teased the upcoming season in her caption, writing, “The laughs, the lux, the drama, it's all there in season 5 and I can't wait for you all to see it!” The real estate agent, who is Nigerian and British, is the latest person to join the cast following Emma Hernan and Vanessa Villela's debuts in season 4.

Does Chelsea Lazkani work for The Oppenheim Group? ›

Now with over five years in the industry, Lazkani is making a name for herself as a premiere luxury realtor at The Oppenheim Group.

Who is Jeff Lazkani married to? ›

At 40 years old, Jeff is approximately 11 years older than his wife, Chelsea.

How much money is Jeff Lazkani worth? ›

He was born and raised in the media profession and his net worth is also said to be $500,000. However filmysiyappa.com estimated his net worth to be $250,000 (£196,000). As a couple, their total combined net worth varies from $750,000 (£589,000) to $1million (£785,000).

How much is Jeff Lazkani's wife worth? ›

As of 2023, Chelsea Lazkani has a net worth of $7,700,000 USD.

Which agent left Selling Sunset? ›

More changes are coming to the Oppenheim Group. A source has confirmed to PEOPLE that Maya Vander will be leaving the Selling Sunset cast ahead of season 6.

How much does Chrishell Stause make per episode? ›

In 2010, the figure was $10,000 per episode for weeks three and four, $20,000 per episode for weeks five and six, $30,000 per episode for weeks seven and eight, and $50,000 per episode for the final two weeks. So Chrishell would have made away with at least *pulls our calculator* $245,000. BRB, brushing up on my salsa.

Why did Brett leave Selling Sunset? ›

She said to Glamour: “Brett has left to start his own brokerage.” Great house + great friends = fun night! . . . that's just math. Christine also hinted that Brett may end up poaching some of The Oppenheim Group's agents for his own firm. She said: “We don't know who will move where.

What happened to Chelsea Selling Sunset? ›

Lazkani may now spend her days in multimillion-dollar mansions and live in a luxurious home, but she used to live in a London council flat, where she shared a bedroom with her younger brother Richard, now 24, and sister Oyinda, now 30, while growing up, according to British media. “We had nothing at first.

Who is Chelsea's villain in Selling Sunset? ›

In an interview with E! News, Selling Sunset newcomer Chelsea Lazkani unpacked the season five moment that helped humanize TV villain Christine Quinn.

Did Christine Quinn walk Balenciaga? ›

Quinn recently walked alongside Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa in Balenciaga's Fall/Winter 2022 Haute Couture runway show.

How did Chelsea Lazkani meet her husband? ›

Chelsea told viewers that her husband Jeff met Jason when he sold him a house. The 29-year-old go-getter made fast friends with Oppenheim's Christine Quinn, and in their get-to-know-each-other session, she revealed that she met her husband within two weeks of moving to LA on a dating app.

Who is the mother of Chelsea Lazkano? ›

Her mother is called Elizabeth Adefioye and her father is called Segun Adefioye. After Chelsea mentioning her mother and her career on Selling Sunset, you're probably wondering what exactly it is that she does.

What is Jeff Lazkani's background? ›

Jeff is an American national of mixed ethnicity, White-Arab. His father was reportedly a Libyan national. As for his undergraduate studies, he attended the University of San Diego between 2002 and 2005, graduating with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management, and Operations.

Are Chelsea and Chrishell still friends? ›

Chelsea says she's now quite close with Chrishell, as well as Emma Hernan, which may come as a shock to Selling Sunset fans, seeing as those two women are Christine's greatest on-camera enemies.

How fake is The Oppenheim Group? ›

The Oppenheim Group is an actual real estate brokerage in LA which has been a successful business for years since it was formed by Jason and his twin brother Brett, meaning it was an easy start when DiVello had the idea for a property company to be the backdrop of a reality show.

Who is the most successful agent at Oppenheim Group OC? ›

1. Alex Hall – $5million (£4.2million) Alex is the richest of the agents in The Oppenheim Group's OC office, with a current net worth of $5million. Before joining real estate, Alex had a background in interior design.

How did Christine meet Chelsea? ›

She encountered her through "Selling Sunset," but the first time Lazkani met Christine Quinn — who has become notorious for her penchant for drama — was at the showing depicted in episode one. According to Lazkani, theirs was friendship at first sight. "Everything you saw transpire is exactly how it happened.

How rich is Mary from Selling Sunset? ›

Like Amanza, Mary is worth about $1 million, per Cinemaholic. Her real estate career began in 2008, and she joined The Oppenheim Group in 2014, according to The Sun. Her feud with Christine Quinn was a major storyline in season 3, as was her marriage to husband Romain Bonnet. And good news!

How much is Christine from Selling Sunset worth? ›

Christine Quinn - $1.5 million

The self-announced villain of Selling Sunset is reportedly worth $1.5m, according to Women's Health, thanks to her sponsorship deals with makeup brand Ciaté and shoe collection with Shoe Dazzle, as well as her real estate commissions.

How old is Chelsea Lazkani Selling Sunset? ›

How old is Chelsea Lazkani? – 29 - Netflix's Selling Sunset: All the cast and their...

How much money is Jeff worth today? ›

How much is Jeff Chandler's net worth? ›

An investigation ensued into Chandler's death. It was deemed malpractice, and resulted in his children suing the hospital for $1.5 million. Chandler's own estate was worth $600,000, which he left to his daughters.

How much is Emma on Selling Sunset worth? ›

Emma Selling CEO of plant-based food company Emma Leigh & Co net worth of around $7 million. Emma earns his living by being an American model, realtor, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.
Emma Hernan Net Worth 2023.
Net Worth:$7 Million
Name:Emma Hernan
Salary:$0.5 Million +
Monthly Income:$40,000 +
Date of Birth:July 14, 1991
6 more rows
Feb 20, 2023

How much are the Oppenheims worth? ›

As you might've imagined, both Brett and Jason Oppenheim, who own the realty company at the center of the series, have earned handsome salaries. They're each worth a whopping $50 million.

How much is Icon Media Direct worth? ›

The Icon Media Direct annual revenue was $40 million in 2021.

Which agent sold the $40 million house on Selling Sunset? ›

The most expensive mansion ever sold on the show was sold for $40 million by none other than Jason Oppenheim, the head of the Oppenheim group. One of the biggest moments for the real estate, Oppenheim Group, was selling the stunning mansion.

Is Christine still with the O group? ›

Christine has officially left Selling Sunset after quitting The Oppenheim Group at the start of the year. Insiders told TMZ Christine and bosses at the Netflix show made a 'mutual decision' over her exit. Instead, Christine will focus on her own business, modelling and other ventures.

Which Selling Sunset agent lost a baby? ›

Maya Vander revealed she had a stillbirth at 38 weeks.

Who is the highest paid actor on Selling Sunset? ›

Christine Quinn Is Highest Paid Cast Member on Selling Sunset.

Who is the richest Selling Sunset cast member? ›

Brett and Jason Oppenheim – US$50 million (each)

The twin brothers – who appear on the Netflix show as bosses, mentors and even love interests of some of the staff – are the richest of the bunch.

Who makes the most money on Selling Sunset? ›

1. Christine Quinn – $2.5million. It's official, as it stands Christine Quinn is the most successful Selling Sunset agent. This is mostly down to listings she's had in the most recent season, last season she was in second behind Mary.

Did Mary and Romain break up? ›

Fans have seen the ups and downs of Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet's relationship on Selling Sunset, but they are still going strong! The adorable duo gave Life & Style an exclusive update on their marriage nearly four years after they walked down the aisle, their baby plans and more. Keep reading for more details.

Does Amanza still work for Oppenheim? ›

Since then, Amanza has returned to her first love, interior design. Amanza has decorated and staged homes for Hollywood's elite, and most recently has joined The Oppenheim Group as the in-house interior design expert.

Does Jason own The Oppenheim Group? ›

As President and Founder of The Oppenheim Group, Jason leads a team responsible for representing buyers and sellers of distinguished properties throughout Southern California.

Does anyone like Chelsea Selling Sunset? ›

Selling Sunset fans are turning against Chelsea Lazkani. Many are calling her Chrisitne Quinn's clone, saying they have the same bad attitude. Chelsea Lazkani is the latest addition to The Oppenheim Group on Selling Sunset season 5, but fans have turned against her, calling her Christine Quinn's clone.

How is Chelsea Selling Sunset Rich? ›

The reality star began working with Rodeo Realty Inc. as a real estate agent in Los Angeles in 2017, after relocating from London. She then joined The Oppenheim Group in July 2021, and after almost a year with the company, she announced the news she'd be joining the cast of Selling Sunset in March.

Does Chelsea get along with everyone on Selling Sunset? ›

Christine let Chelsea know about her problems with Davina during the get-together. Davina and Chelsea ended up in an argument, with the newcomer calling Davina "overly sensitive." Now that the dust has settled, Chelsea says she gets along well with most of the cast.

Who is the real villain in Selling Sunset? ›

The true evil doer? For Quinn, that appears to be Adam Divello, the mastermind behind Selling Sunset and The Hills. “I'm a character.

What is Chelsea Lazkani's background? ›

Chelsea Lazkani's Real Estate Background

Lazkani is a British-Nigerian luxury Realtor and a graduate of the University of Birmingham and the University of Dundee in Scotland. According to People, she worked in the corporate world before obtaining her real estate license in 2017.

Why was Christine Quinn not invited? ›

While MTV provides Netflix with tickets for its stars, it's the streaming service that ultimately chooses who gets an invite. A second source familiar with the situation confirms that "Netflix managed the ticket allotment" and "Christine was never part of that allotment."

Is Christine Quinn really a real estate? ›

In her bio for the Oppenheim Group, Christine talked about how she's always had an interest in architecture and interior design, which led to a career in real estate.

Why did Christine Quinn quit? ›

When Christine and Christian founded RealOpen in April 2022, that was her cue to leave. "I terminated my contract when the brokerage launched," she said, adding that, "I had to make a business decision that was for me, so I had to terminate the contract so I could move it over to my brokerage."

How much is Chelsea Lazkani husband worth? ›

Her husband Jeff, 40, became Managing Partner for Icon Media Direct. He was born and raised in the media profession and his net worth is also said to be $500,000.

What is Chelsea Lazkani net worth? ›

The likes of Christine Quinn and Chrishell Stause are worth millions, but Lazkani's net worth is reportedly US$500,000.

How did Chelsea from Selling Sunset meet her husband? ›

Chelsea is proud to admit that she first met her husband on Tinder soon after arriving in L.A. She said he was his first match on the app. "I stayed because I fell in love... It was the best decision I've ever made," the realtor wrote of their story on Instagram. The two have been married since 2017.

Who is Chelsea Lazkani parent? ›

She says she was inspired by her parents to have a successful career. Her mother is called Elizabeth Adefioye and her father is called Segun Adefioye.

Who is Jeff Lazkani's mother? ›

Soon after he graduated, he started his career at Icon Media Direct – the company his mother, Nancy Lazkani, founded.

Who is Jeff Lazkani's family? ›

He is married to Chelsea Lazkani, a social media personality, realtor, and reality TV star, known for her appearance in the TV series Selling Sunset. How many kids does Jeff Lazkani have? He shares two kids, Maddox and Melia, with his wife, Chelsea.

Who is the richest star of Made in Chelsea? ›

The richest Made in Chelsea cast member is Spencer Matthews. Reported by Entertainment Daily the season 1 OG is worth an eye-watering £47 million thanks to numerous business ventures he has embarked on since starring in the series, including his non-alcohol spirits brand, CleanCo.

How rich are Chelsea new owners? ›

Boehly has bankrolled the club to more than £500m of signings since taking over the Blues, however this pales in comparison to his net worth. The American is worth $5.3bn according to Forbes, the equivalent to about £4.3bn. He holds stakes in numerous sports teams in Los Angeles, including the Lakers and the Dodgers.

What does Chelsea from Selling Sunset have a masters degree in? ›

Before getting into real estate, Lazkani worked as a business strategist and solar analyst with companies in the oil and gas industry. She even has a master's degree in International Oil and Gas Management from the University of Dundee in Scotland.

Does Chelsea get along with the other girls on Selling Sunset? ›

In fact, she's made friends on both sides of the feud. "Emma and I have a very special connection. I think the world of Chrishell," she continues. "To be honest with you, I just have a budding relationship with all the girls.

Who is Chelsea Lazkani wife? ›

Chelsea is married to Jeff Lazkani, a business tycoon who is friends with Chelsea's new boss Jason Oppenheim. The couple met while she was travelling in 2015, meeting in LA on what was meant to be 'a short break', but she explained on Instagram: "I stayed because I fell in love.

Who is the mother of Chelsea on Selling Sunset? ›

According to her bio on the Oppenheim Group website, her mother, Elizabeth Adefioye, is a human resources executive at the engineering company Emerson, and her father, Segun Adefioye, is a property developer.

Where is Chelsea's mom from? ›

Chelsea's Mom, from Baltimore, Mexico is a contestant on "Stay Off Your Phone," and the mother of Chelsea. However, she's immediately eliminated since she never puts her phone down.
Chelsea's Mom.
PERFORMERNatisha Anderson
1 more row


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