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Reviews of Nearby Companies That Renovate Swimming Pools

Anthony & Sylvan Pools


Excellent from the get-go. The initial meeting with the renovation specialist (Tony) was great - provided us ideas of colours for tiles and coping, etc. and thoroughly explained the costs, process, timing; the contractors showed up on time, were professional, courteous and did an excellent job of demolition, tiling, plaster and clean-up all within a 3 day period. The office staff were excellent about checking how things were going and if everything was running smoothly. This was well worthwhile and the job was done as promised, on time, and with an excellent result. Anthonysylvan built my pool 20 years ago and it held up very well, just wanted a fresh look - completely satisfied and highly recommend this company who stuck to the plan as promised. Pool looks fabulous and I'm thrilled with the results

- Maggie M....

Anthony & Sylvan Pools


Anthony & Sylvan installed the pool behind our home 30 years ago, so when it came time to renovate it, we went back to them for the work. The project was a complete overhaul of the pool and surrounding deck and involved many moving parts. The Anthony & Sylvan team was always in regular contact with us, accessible by email, telephone, and even text message. On the rare occasion when a subcontractor appeared on site without necessary information, it took no time at all to contact a responsible party at Anthony & Sylvan to get everyone back on track again. The project was largely on time, barring some weather delays and some other delays to which we equally contributed. But, most importantly, the project was on budget! Throughout the project, Anthony & Sylvan went to great lengths to make things right and to live up to the company’s stellar reputation. Following the project’s completion, we were able to get someone from Anthony & Sylvan to come out and correct a few things to make sure we were 100% happy with our pool’s performance. We also decided to have Anthony & Sylvan provide our weekly pool maintenance the following summer and install our brand-new pool heater. In short, this is an ethical, reliable, and professional company that stands by its work and its reputation. I am particularly moved to write this note having recently experienced another service provider’s comparative lack of professionalism. And it reminded me how much the folks at Anthony & Sylvan were willing to work with us to preserve the investment in our home. As a result, I will gladly refer my friends, relatives, and colleagues to Anthony & Sylvan

- David B....

Anthony & Sylvan Pools


I chose A&S over other bidders for this project because their very kndgeable expert Hart Berkowitz had all the answers allowing me to make the right choices for this project, and offered a very competitive price. As planned, most work was done in the late fall, and the final finish was applied just before we filled the pool for the 2020 summer season. The last punch-list items were completed on time -- but just, a few hours before our grandchildren arrived for the Memorial Day holiday. The process could have been smoother, however. All major work -- demolition and sandblasting, installation of new coping and tile, and the final application of a plaster finish to the interior -- was done by subcontractors without an A&S representative present. Communicating in English with these subs was difficult to impossible. The tiling sub also carelessly left much excess mortar to harden in lumps, interfering with the installation of new decking. My deck contractor charged me $500 extra for the hours it took to clean up the mess, which would have taken the subcontractor only a few minutes to clean up had he done it when the mortar was still wet. I also was often left in the dark about when work was going to be scheduled. Calls and messages to the A&S scheduler wouldn't be returned for days. A simple "I'll know more in a few days" would have been better than silence. I also wish I had been fully aware of how messy it is to sandblast the old finish off the pool interior. The sandblasting contractor took pains to clean up the worst of the grit from the adjacent deck area, but fine dust and grit also landed on porch furniture 15 feet away and inside a screen porch. I was hosing and cleaning for hours, which I could have avoided if I had covered all my outdoor stuff with disposable plastic sheeting. In the end, it was all worth the effort. We get many compliments on the pool, which is lovely and now looks ready for another 30 years

- Brooks J....

Miller Pool's Inc


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All went well on the project. He was very flexible and accommodating and was very knowledge regarding pool renovation. We would definitely use Miller Pools again.

- Don D....

ASP - America's Swimming Pool Co Springfield VA

ASP of Northern VA is far and away the best pool care, renovation and construction company. They have been caring for my pool for 3 seasons, and far surpass my expectations regularly. We had our pool renovated a few weeks ago, and it's gorgeous. The plaster, tile and coping are beautiful and exactly what we wanted. The team at ASP is engaged with and responsive to our needs, whether we need maintenance or service, throughout the year. I definitely recommend ASP

- Jill K....

Anthony & Sylvan Pools


Their work has always been "top-notch." Over the last 25 years, they replaced the tile twice, repaired the coping stones when needed, and last summer installed all new modern coping stones. This spring they are scheduled to re-plaster the pool for the second time in 25 years. They also assist with deck renovation by applying the mastic between the coping and surrounding pool deck. We are always pleased with results of their work. They provide the cost of the work upfront and always stick to the agreed price. Scheduling is tricky as it depends on the weather but once they begin the work, they stick with it until it is done without much downtime for use of the pool

- Carolyn B....

Town & Country Pools, Inc.


This is an outstanding company whose staff from top down is highly dedicated to superb diagnostic and design approaches to all pool issues.

- Diana W....

Town & Country Pools, Inc.


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Went very well. Competent and professional work easy to call on the phone, and address any problems.

- Steven H....

Anthony & Sylvan Pools


I truly wish things would have worked out with them. I had my initial appointment and the salesman arrived on time and went through everything. The product seemed excellent and price was higher than most but not unreasonable. That's where it all stopped. When the salesman left he took measurements and said he would get back to me with the design and go from there. This would have easily been a 100K+ project. I was ready to move forward and start the design but he just disappeared after that. Not a single response. The main office followed up and I told them what happened and they also didn't respond. Very unprofessional, especially since anyone trying to build a pool will easily spend over 70K

- Michael W....



The project had the most trouble with the weather, we had a very cold and rainy winter and the job started in November. Otherwise, it all went well. Maybe for future work ( I also did extensive remodeling on the inside and outside of the house) I would look into getting a portable toilet for outside

- Cindy P....

Regal Construction & Remodeling Inc


We worked with Sean and crew for the interior work first. We liked his professionalism, creative ideas, trustworthiness, and responsiveness. His crew worked hard and were also conscientious. Because our house is old, there were many existing conditions that were discovered once walls and floors were demolished which resulted in extra change orders. But this would have happened with any company. We found Sean and team to be trustworthy and in general very pleasant to work with. The office staff are super nice too and dealt well with city for permits etc. We liked Regal so much that we asked them to do a big exterior renovation as well. We love our house inside and out. Anybody who knew the BEFORE situation are blown away by the changes. We recommend Regal to our friends and would definitely use them again for any renovation work

- Gerard R....

Anthony & Sylvan Pools



The Company was quick to answer all our questions and very helpful. They even added extra tile to the stairs. The renovations far exceeded our expectations and the plastering and bonding I would highly recommend because it made our pool so beautiful and new again. We were able to pick out beautiful new tile for our entire pool. This pool was really built solid as when we took off the coping we were not sure what to expect, and it was in good shape with no structural damage so we just up-graded our look. We look forward to enjoying our Anthony & Sylvania pool for many years to come. I would highly recommend them to build or do your pool

- Kathleen E....



He's been very responsive and patient. He's cautious which is fine. He worked with me on the contract. He's done the diagnostics on the pool, and I've been working with him for about 2 years. He listens to me. He's made himself available as needed and has offered me different options. His administrative person is also very good

- M L....

J & G Landscape Design Inc


He dose landscaping but he also does design work. He is very good at it. For any pool design, patio design and landscaping design I would call J & G Landscaping company. I think he prices his job. He comes out generally and will give me an estimate then I can decide what I can afford and what I don’t want. He comes out and looks at the landscape and he listens to what the home owner wants. Then he will prepare a bid and it’s a written bid. I keep using them because of their professionalism. They are a mark of a very good company especially in landscaping. The people that work for Jeff and his brother Greg, they stay with the company. They have a real dedication to their workers and their workers are well paid. I am impressed with that. During the holidays they do all kinds of things with their workers. They have family events for their worker’s family. This is hard, hard back breaking work. They are apparently paying them very well and they are treating them very well. That’s the kind of company I hire. I will not say they are cheap. I have Jeff come out and we talk about what’s going to be done. He doesn’t bargain. I get a fair days jobs work for a fair days pay. He is worth it. Given the fact that he pays his people well, I wouldn’t want him to cut corners. I have an appointment with him in 2 weeks

- Joan F....



Very well. I got 3 estimates and quickly found the prices about the same. Only JW contracting actually bid and performed the work themselves with their own fairfax employees. This was a really BIG job that people with old pools (20 years+) Need to consider. They did a very good job!

- Mark M....


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Jim sent out his entire crew that had done the original work - they completely removed the old caulking and installed new. Incredible customer service. I was not expecting such a great response. Highly recommend JW.

- George E....

Backyard Creations Inc


I was impressed with their work and professionalism during the proposal process, but they never followed through and provided an estimate of work and canceled several appointments. I would have considered them, but they are not reliable.

- David W....

Precision Aquatics LLC


I interviewed several contractors and hired Precision Aquatics over other reputable companies because (a) the price was competitive, (b) the contract didn't include a bunch of legalese that I couldn't understand, and (c) Mike Howard, the owner, impressed me with his knowledge and was helpful in suggesting stone and other materials that would complement the pool's natural setting. Quality of workmanship was good, but the project dragged on too long and communication was poor. Much of the work was completed in the fall of 2012, but I opted to save the plastering and some other odds and ends until the following spring. The project wasn't completely finished until September 2013, when the pool deck was caulked. Work in the spring was sporadic because of the rainy weather, but they could have done a much better job of keeping me informed. I never knew if or when they were going to show up and at times worried that I'd been abandoned. I had both Mike's cell and office numbers, but I was rarely able to reach him on his cell, and the office--which I understand is staffed part time by family members--never seemed to know anything about his schedule. The only thing left to do by the end of June 2013 was caulking, which I was told would be done when the weather dried up. They warned me they were backed up on caulking jobs, but I consider a 3-month delay excessive. The delay was not the biggest problem though because the lack of caulking didn't stop us from using the pool. What bothered me was being left hanging with no communication, despite my several calls and e-mails. I probably would have given an A rating based on quality of work alone, but poor communication caused me a lot of stress and would stop me from hiring Precision Aquatics again

- Beverley B....

Town & Country Pools, Inc.


We got several estimates to remodel our pool. They were all pretty similar so we went with Town and Country since they built our pool originally. We worked with several different people at Town and Country based on the questions that we had. We used some newly available materials and asked the lady in the office for design advice. She was always willing to help me make sure that everything matched and that I was making good choices. We worked with Fred for the technical and scheduling end of the remodel. We were a little disappointed that the unusually wet spring caused weather delays in the construction but, Fred did extra things to make sure we had an overall good experience. We've had the pool for several years now and it still looks great. The glass tile ahas held up better than the ceramic tile we had on the first pool. The dark PebbleTech makes the pool blend in with the woods surrounding the back yard. It looks much more natural than the 1st pool that we built. We love it and get lots of compliments on it

- Eloise M....

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