Pokémon Fire Red Cheats: Full List of GameShark Codes (2023)

Pokémon Fire Red Cheats: Full List of GameShark Codes (1)


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      • Infinite Items Cheat
    • Getting the Most Out of Pokémon Fire Red Cheats
  • Get the Most Out of Pokémon Fire Red with Cheat Codes

This post was last updated on September 1, 2022

If you’re looking for a nostalgia kick, there’s nothing better than playing one of the earlier Pokémon games. Pokémon Red was one of the first Pokémon games for the Game Boy and still holds a special place in most gamers’ hearts.

Pokémon Fire Red is the 2004 remake for the Game Boy Advance, and while developers Game Freak HQ kept the core gameplay unchanged, they did add over 20 new Pokémon for each version (FireRed and LeafGreen). Pokémon Fire Red is an ideal place to start if you want to relive your childhood.

While plenty of Pokémon ROM hacks are difficult, such as Pokémon Phoenix Rising or Pokémon Omega Red, most gamers don’t expect the base version to be challenging. Surprisingly, Pokémon FireRed can still be tricky to play for newbies and Pokemon veterans alike due to its lack of modern quality-of-life features.

The good news is that most Pokémon ROMs contain various cheat codes and programs to make your life just a little bit easier and help you catch ’em all.

In-Game Cheats

While most cheats rely on a cheat program like GameShark v3, Pokémon FireRed has some in-built features that make playing the game easier. These aren’t necessarily cheating, but they’re essential to helping you complete the game.

Upgrading the Pokédex

You can update your Pokédex once you’ve completed the main story and collected over 60 pokémon. Simply visit the Professor in Pallet Town once you meet the required criteria to receive an upgrade that allows you to visit new locations and unlocks new evolutions for your pokemon.

Safari Zone Glitch

If you want to catch Pokémon without wasting valuable time in the Safari Zone, lightly tap right and left to change your character’s orientation without actually moving. Doing so will still allow you to encounter wild Pokémon without lowering your timer.

Trainer Card Upgrades

Upgrading your trainer card changes your star rating and the look of your card. You can upgrade your card up to four times by completing the following challenges:

  • Complete the main story
  • Complete the National Pokédex (except for Mew, Celebi, Deoxys, and Jirachi)
  • Complete the Kanto Pokédex
  • Get a score of 200+ in the Dodrio Berry Picking and Pokémon Jump minigames

Secret Items in Pokémon Fire Red

If you want to get the rarest items in the game, you’ll need to get the Itemfinder. You can get the Itemfinder — once you’ve caught 30 Pokémon — from one of Professor Oak’s aides. You can find them on route 11 between Vermillion City and Lavender Town, on the upper floor of the gate.

Once you have the Itemfinder, you can return to specific locations to find unique secret items associated with some characters you met before. It may take a while since you need to stand in exactly the same spot they did. Some items you can find include:

  • Leftovers from where the Snorlax was (near Cycling Road and Silence Bridge)
  • Macho Brace from where Giovanni was in Viridian Gym
  • Sacred Ash from the spot at Navel Rock where Ho-Oh was
  • Soothe Bell from the Pokémon Tower where Mr. Fuji was

Gameshark Codes

The best way to access Pokémon cheat codes is with a dedicated program like GameShark or Action Replay. These come standard with any GBA emulator, including the Visual Boy Advance and the My Boy emulator for Android.

(Video) Top 8 Cheat Codes For Pokemon Fire Red | Pokemon Fire Red Cheat Codes | 100% Working With Proof

Using Gameshark to Enter a Cheat Code in Visual Boy Advance

Open VBA as usual and select your Pokémon FireRed ROM. Once it starts running, open the VBA cheats menu and select “Cheat List” from the dropdown menu. Choose Gameshark and then enter the Pokémon code you want to use.

You can enter multiple codes at once and even write a description for each cheat code so that you know what it does. Once you hit OK, the game will resume with your chosen cheats.

Using Gameshark to Enter a Cheat Code in My Boy

The basic process of enabling cheats in the My Boy emulator is the same as for VBA since both use GameShark v3 as their base cheat engine. Open your ROM like you would when you play Pokémon FireRed and then tap the menu button in the top left corner.

Tap “Cheats” and then “New Cheat.” You’ll get a new window where you can type your cheat name, a description of the cheat, and the cheat code. When you’re done, tap the three dots in the top right corner and select “Save” to save your cheat.

Hit the back button on your phone to resume the game. The free version of the app allows you to enter a single line of code per entry, so you’ll need to enter multi-line cheats line-by-line as different cheats.

If you want to enable multiple cheats at once, you’ll need to tap the plus in the top right corner while in the Cheats menu. You can also edit, disable, or delete cheats while in this menu.

Best Pokémon Fire Red Cheats

Most Popular Pokémon Cheats

While you can use Pokémon Fire Red cheats to modify almost any part of the game, the following are the ones you’ll probably use the most. Some reduce the grind to level up pokemon, including giving you all the TM/HM items you need. In contrast, others make it easier to walk through walls, get uncommon items, or even make sure you get the right pokemon with a wild pokemon gender modifier or pokemon nature modifier.

Cheat Code
Walk Through Walls 509197D3542975F478DA95DF44018CB4
Quick Level Up 82023D50 270F
Wild Pokémon Have Max IV 000014D1 000A1003DAE6 0007
Rare Candy Cheat 820258400044
Items cost only $1 3C25A344FD8F451CAD86124F2823D8DA
Get All HM Items 42025A0C0153000100080004
Get All TM Items 42025A2C012100010032000442025A2E5212000000320004
Infinite Money 82025838104E8202583AE971
Easier Pokémon Encounter Code 72023D749A3082023D749A53
Wild Pokémon Modifier 927366193cae35ee765d9888C21450c1ce34E1d22ee0ced06be537884313
Infinite EXP Cheat 7300218C000182023D501388
All Male Eggs 320286400016
All Female Eggs 20286400093
Infinite Master Balls 8202595c 00018202595e 0063
Fast Egg Hatching 3202864200FE
Get Every Berry 42025AF400850001002B000442025AF652120000002B0004

Catching Pokémon

A great wild Pokémon encounter cheat spawns a legendary Pokémon encounter or shiny Pokémon encounter. Start by entering the master code:

000014D1 000A

1003dae6 0007

Once you’ve successfully input the master code, follow it up with one of the legendary Pokémon you want to catch.

Pokémon Code
Articuno 83007CEE 0090
Deoxys (won’t obey) 83007CEE 019A
Dragonair 83007CEE 0094
Dragonite 83007CEE 0095
Dratini 83007CEE 0093
Entei 83007CEE 00F4
Groudon 83007CEE 0195
Ho-oh 83007CEE 00FA
Jirachi 83007CEE 0199
Lugia 83007CEE 00F9
Mew (won’t obey) 83007CEE 0097
Mewtwo 83007CEE 0096
Moltres 83007CEE 0092
Rayquaza 83007CEE 0196
Regice 83007CEE 0192
Regirock 83007CEE 0191
Registeel 83007CEE 0193
Zapdos 83007CEE 0091

You can also use a master code and Pokémon ID to spawn normal Pokémon without waiting for random battles. It’s a little bit trickier because there are two master codes depending on the Pokémon’s number.

Pokémon from 1 – 250 will need the following master code: 17543C48 E65E0B97.

If you want to spawn a Pokémon of 250 and above, you’ll need to use this master code:

(Video) pokemon fire red cheats gameshark + full game download

8C050415 EB447C7A

AD86124F 2823D8DA

A0CCA92E 61571E3B

E2302908 64FD3288

25AF3162 06D16963

If you still want the experience of catching Pokémon yourself but don’t want to spend too much time finding the right one, consider using a code to guarantee your Pokémon will have the desired nature. A Pokémon’s nature can hugely impact its stats and moves, so getting that perfect nature can mean the difference between success and failure.

The cheat has a master code and the Pokémon nature identifier that you’ll need to apply before the battle.

The master code is: AA3BB0ED 41CD5D95

And the nature identifiers are:

Nature Code
Adamant 5EB8DEEE 692ED298
Bashful B05B4CCD A0A1505B
Bold 35EB915F 08F33974
Brave E485844D 2F24038C
Calm 31F62F82 D9A0C100
Careful 1A15BF1E E72650E4
Docile A58F6F1B BFB13FEF
Gentle 9A41D845 41B93FE6
Hardy D0E34D66 5796A7D3
Hasty D4950A99 D729D80A
Impish CDA2AB99 F89D5BB9
Lax D593BF29 E18AAAE5
Lonely D73BC50A 5F47AA0E
Modest E1EB2109 4480C28D
Mild A2461E51 304137B6
Naive 56F744B0 37E16732
Naughty 83286B46 6479AA98
Quiet 0456554B 66D3AAF9
Quirky 5A7B2626 21ECD183
Rash 909149AB 2DE8726A
Relaxed 34027F23 7E7E1599
Sassy D47DA721 6C3B9FFC
Serious: 93F04759 F95753D9
Timid BC372C9 06B4D17F

Warp Codes

These codes can be tricky to use since you need to enable your desired location code before walking through the nearest door or entrance and disable it immediately. If you don’t, you’ll keep teleporting to the location whenever you go through a door. However, it’s a great way to get around if you don’t feel like exploring or dealing with wild Pokémon all the time.

Location Code
Birth Island 554D9257 D0472EF8
Navel Rock 6AADAC54 A0A4B6C7
Mt. Ember 3ADAABA A9000BEB
Seafoam Islands BC4AFF82 6C4609A2
Power Plant: EA5BB107 05E634BB
One Island A6A339F5 FC0ADC79
Unlock all fly-to areas 42026592 FFFF00000007 0002

Pokémon Max Stats

This cheat is a lifesaver if you’re sick of leveling up your Pokémon. The cheat works off your Pokémon’s position and arrangement and levels that particular Pokémon to max level.

Slot Code
1st Pokemon maximum stats 20242DA03E7000000070002
2nd Pokemon maximum stats 4202433E03E7000000070002
3rd Pokemon maximum stats 420243A203E7000000070002
4th Pokemon maximum stats 4202440603E7000000070002
5th Pokemon maximum stats 4202446A03E7000000070002
6th Pokemon maximum stats 420244CE03E7000000070002

Infinite Items Cheat

The infinite items cheat has two parts: the first affects the inventory slot, while the second part is the name of the item you want to make infinite.

So, to get unlimited rare candy in slot 1, you’d type: 82025840 44, where the first bit makes Slot 1 items infinite, and 44 represents “Rare Candy.”

The first part of the code is as follows:


  • Modify Item in Slot 1: 82025840 xxxx
  • Modify Item in Slot 2: 82025844 xxxx
  • Modify Item in Slot 3: 82025848 xxxx
  • Modify Item in Slot 4: 8202584C xxxx
  • Modify Item in Slot 5: 82025850 xxxx

You can duplicate almost any item by using its unique identifier in the game, including:

Green Scarf: 101

Pink Scarf: 100

Dragon Claw: 151

Deep Sea Tooth: 00C0

Deep Sea Scale: 00C1

Blue Flute: 0027

Smoke Ball: 00C2

Green Shard: 0033

Yellow Flute: 0028

Wiki Berry: 0090

You can even obtain all of the evolution stones, including:

Stone of the Sun: 005D

Moonstone: 005E

(Video) Mega Moemon FireRed Cheats, Gen 1 - 3 Modifiers, Master Balls, Rare Candies, and More

Fire Stone: 005F

Thunder Stone: 60

Water Stone: 61

Leaf Stone: 62

Getting the Most Out of Pokémon Fire Red Cheats

While activating cheats is relatively simple, it can interfere with how your game runs. If you have an incompatible Pokémon Fire Red Rom, you’ll experience crashes and glitches. You can also break your game by enabling too many cheats at once.

To get the best experience using Pokémon Fire Red cheats, follow some best practices to keep your game stable and fun.

Only activate a maximum of three cheats per game. Cheats often alter variables within the game, and if you mess around with too many of these at once, the game won’t be able to reconcile them, leading to crashes and glitches. Also, be sure to turn cheats off after using them to prevent future glitches on your save game.

Use recommended emulators such as:

  • GBA4ios for iOS
  • My Boy for Android
  • Retroarch for MacOS
  • Visual Boy Advance for Windows

Save your game before applying any cheats. Once you’ve activated a cheat, check your bag. If you see any irregularities, exit without saving the game and restore your original settings.

You may find that some cheats don’t work immediately. Go in and out of entrances or doors to refresh the game world at least five times before giving up. Sometimes, cheats can take a while to affect the game, and changing locations can force these cheats to take effect.

Get the Most Out of Pokémon Fire Red with Cheat Codes

Playing Pokémon Fire Red or Leaf Green on a GBA emulator can feel like a blast from the past, but it’s a game that still holds up. Pokémon Fire Red is a perfect place to start if you’re playing due to nostalgia or want an old-school introduction to the Pokémon series.

As with all older games, Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green have rough edges that can detract from your enjoyment. They can be extremely grindy and luck-based, especially if you want to collect all of the Pokémon and hit all of the achievements.

That’s where having a GBA emulator can help. Most emulators come with GameShark v3 or another cheat system built-in.

Using Pokémon FireRed cheats is extremely simple. Once you’ve found the GameShark codes that adjust the game to your needs, all you need to do is enter the cheat code and let the emulator handle the rest.

(Video) Pokemon FireRed - Unlimited EXP Share Item Cheat Code

Pokémon games have plenty of secrets and potential pitfalls. Whether finding a list of Pokémon starters or a comprehensive list of Pokémon Fire Red cheats, That Video Game Blog has all the info you need. Check us out to get all the latest gaming news, reviews, and gear!

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What is the format of GameShark codes? ›

A GameShark code for these consoles is written in the format ttvvaaaa. tt specifies the code type and VRAM bank, which is usually 01. vv specifies the hexadecimal value the code will write into the game's memory.

How do you get gengar cheat in fire red? ›

Gengar is the evolution of Haunter, and cannot be found in the wild. This means you will need to capture a Gastly or Haunter and evolve it into a Gengar through trading. Defeat Team Rocket in Celadon City. This is available after you defeat Erika and earn your fourth badge.

What is the cheat code of Mewtwo in Pokemon Fire Red? ›

The Mew Codebreaker Code

Open the "Pokemon FireRed" code entry menu. Type "000014D1 000A" on the first line and "1003DAE6 0007" on the second. On the third line, enter "83007CEE 0097." This code causes Mew to appear in the wild.

How do you get any Pokémon you want in fire red? ›

But just copy the whole thing and it's going to work and then turn on the actual Pokemon that you

Do GameShark codes work on xploder? ›

The Xploder DOES NOT, use Shark codes..

How do you use Gameshark codes in fire red? ›

Using Gameshark to Enter a Cheat Code in Visual Boy Advance

Choose Gameshark and then enter the Pokémon code you want to use. You can enter multiple codes at once and even write a description for each cheat code so that you know what it does. Once you hit OK, the game will resume with your chosen cheats.

What does the master code do? ›

Master Code: The master code can do everything the installer code can, except enter system programming, enter certain test modes, and program any installer-only schedules. The master code does have the ability to change itself, as well as add, edit or delete any other code, except for the installer code.

How do you evolve Haunter without trading? ›

In Legends: Arceus, Haunter will evolve if exposed to a Linking Cord. Hope I helped!

Can you get a light ball in fire red? ›

Unfortunately, you cannot get the Light Ball in FRLG. They can only be found (in Generation III) in RSE as held items on wild Pikachu around 5% of the time.

How do you get a lapras in fire red? ›

Get Lapras

Be sure to pay a visit to the Silph employee on the 7th Floor, in the same room where you fought Gary. He will give you a rare Level 15 Lapras as a reward.

How do you get lugia in fire red cheats? ›

Head to the "Basement" in XD and to a Pokecenter in Fire Red, clicking on the computer in the right corner. You should see a "Network" option that allows you to trade Pokemon. Send you Lugia over and you're good to go!

What is the cheat code of master ball? ›

Pokemon Fire Red Cheats Master Ball

To get unlimited master ball in Pokemon Fire Red, follow the steps below: Step 1: Enter cheat code 82025840 0001.

Does the Mew glitch work in fire red? ›

Mew is an Event Pokémon, and was only available during a single event in 2006. There is a glitch that people claim will work to find Mew, but this only works in the original Pokémon games. It does not work in Fire Red.

Can you find Charmander in FireRed? ›

Charmander can be found outside of rock tunnel in fire red.

Can you catch zapdos with an ultra ball FireRed? ›

Catch Zapdos.

In the fight, bring the bird's health into red, then inflict it with a weakening status condition like Sleep, Paralyze, or Freeze. Once the bird is weak, keep throwing Ultra Balls until you catch it! Save after the battle.

How many Pokémon can you catch in FireRed without trading? ›

Those being the Sandshrew line, the Vulpix line, the Bellsprout line, the Slowpoke line, the Staryu line, the Magmar line, Pinsir, the Marill line, Misdreavus, Sneasel, the Remoraid line, and Mantine. These add up to 23 Pokemon in total. With this all into account, there are 180 Pokemon you can catch in FireRed alone.

Is GameShark still around? ›

Currently, the brand name is owned by Mad Catz, which marketed GameShark products for the Sony PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo game consoles.

How do cheat codes work? ›

Cheat codes are usually activated by typing secret passwords or pressing controller buttons in a certain sequence. Less common activation methods include entering certain high score names, holding keys or buttons while dying, picking up items in a particular order and otherwise performing unintuitive actions.

How do you emulate GameShark? ›

How To Enter Cheat Codes Into GBA Emulator Pokemon Emerald

How do you use GameShark codes? ›

Scroll through the list of cheats to find ones that you want to use. Copy a cheat code. Select a code that you want to use by clicking and dragging the mouse across it, then press Ctrl + C . You'll paste this code into the GameShark engine later.

How many Pokémon are in fire red? ›

There are 151 Pokemon if FireRed/LeafGreen in the Native Pokedex, though National contains Pokemon from the Hoenn and Johto regions, increasing the total to 386.

How do you catch deoxys in fire red? ›

To capture the Deoxys Pokemon, you need to get to its home on Birth Island. The only way to get there is by having the Aurora ticket and hopping a boat ride from the port in Vemilion City. Plus, you'll need to stock up on lots of Ultra Balls 'cuz this can be a tricky Pokemon to catch.

What are redemption codes? ›

Redemption Code means the sequence of letters, numbers, and/or symbols placed on gift certificates, promotional coupons or other promotional offers and used to obtain a benefit.

What is installer code? ›

The Installer Code (also called Program Code or Dealer Code depending on brand) is a special code used to access system configuration settings so a user can add sensors/zones, change delay times, modify central station telephone numbers and account numbers.

What is the redemption code in dead target? ›

The Dead Target redemption code is basically an in-game currency and the code is used to exchange gifts, either cash or gold. Normally, you have the chance to earn these redemption codes when you participate in various events on Dead Target's official Facebook fan page.

Can you evolve Kadabra without trading in fire red? ›

You can't, for the exact reasons you stated. While it would be possible if one of the ingame traders was willing to trade one, according to the Bulbapedia ingame trade list there is no such trader.

What is GTS Pokémon? ›

The Global Trade Station, or the GTS for short, allows access to the Global Trade System, a worldwide network over which players of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, as well as Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, can trade Pokémon via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Where is Gengar sword? ›

Gengar returns in Pokemon Sword and Shield.
Gengar Location - How to Get Gengar.
Wild Area
Giant's SeatClear, Overcast, Thunderstorm, Snowstorm, Sandstorm, Instense Sun, Fog
Max Raid Battles
Giant's Mirror, South Lake Miloch, Stony Wilderness
2 more rows
15 Nov 2019

Is Pikachu with Light Ball stronger than Raichu? ›

Raichu can't use the Light Ball. And Raichu still has higher total base stats. However, it would have lower Attack and Sp. Attack, so Pikachu is sometimes used more often as a Sweeper.

Can Pikachu learn Volt Tackle in Firered? ›

Volt Tackle is a special move for the Pikachu family, but it can only be obtained by breeding a Pichu. You can then evolve that Pichu into a Pikachu or Raichu. Volt Tackle is only available in Pokémon Emerald and later. It is not available in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Can Pichu hold light ball? ›

Light Ball is a held item that doubles both the Special Attack and Attack stats when held by a Pikachu. Prior to Generation IV, only the Special Attack stat was boosted. In Generation III and beyond, if a female Pikachu is allowed to breed while holding a Light Ball, the Pichu born will learn Volt Tackle.

What's the legendary Pokémon in FireRed? ›

Moltres, the Fire/Flying legendary bird, is the only Pokemon to leave its original home from Red and Blue. This time you can find it residing at the volcanic Mt. Ember on One Island, after a Strength boulder puzzle.

Can you evolve Eevee into umbreon in FireRed? ›

You can only evolve Eevee into Umbreon or Espeon in Generation 2 or later games. This is because there is no time element in the original games, or in FireRed and LeafGreen.

Where is Eevee FireRed? ›

Eevee location in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green! Eevee can be found in Celadon City, and can be evolved into Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon or Umbreon, depending on evolution stones or time of day when leveling the pokemon.

Where is Mew and Mewtwo in fire red? ›

1 Answer. After you beat the Elite Four and get to island 4 of the sevii islands, you can go to Cerulean Cave in Cerulean City and Mewtwo is in there.

How do I catch raikou in fire red? ›

How to find Raikou, Entei or Suicune in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green

Can you catch both Lugia and Ho Oh in fire red? ›

Lugia and Ho-Oh can indeed be caught in Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen, but... it's not simple. Lugia and Ho-Oh are located on an island called Navel Rock. To go there, you need an item called the MysticTicket - a ticket for a ferry.

How do you get infinite Master Balls? ›

How to Get Unlimited Master Balls In Pokemon Sword and Shield!

How do you cheat rare candy? ›

How To Get Unlimited Rare Candy In Pokemon Emerald GBA Emulator ...

Can you breed Master Balls? ›

As a Pokémon's Poké Ball

However, the Master Ball, Cherish Ball, and Strange Ball cannot be passed down via breeding; instead, they act as a regular Poké Ball for inheritance purposes.

What level is Mewtwo in FireRed? ›

Travel north to Route 24 and use a Pokémon to Surf to the entrance. Inside the cave, you will need to navigate the maze to the bottom floor. Make sure your Pokémon team is at a high level; there are a lot of strong Pokémon here (levels 46-70). At the end, you will see Mewtwo.

Is MissingNo in FireRed? ›

in the Red and Blue versions of Pokémon is to do the following: Go to the northern part of Viridian City, and watch the Old Man's demonstration on how to catch a Pokémon. Fly to Cinnabar Island. Surf up and down along the east coast of the island until Missingno appears.

Is there a Mew 3 Pokémon? ›

Mewthree is a Pokémon which has never appeared in any game or anime episode, though it has had one appearance in the overall Pokémon franchise. It is the second clone of Mew. It is technically not a real Pokémon, as it is just a transformed form of Red's Clefairy.

Can you catch a wild Bulbasaur fire red? ›

Unfortunately, the starters are starters, meaning you can only find them at the start of the game, like all starters.

Which Pokemon to choose in fire red? ›

Overall, Bulbasaur has perfect typing for the early-game, has a great movepool with tons of utility, and makes building a balanced team by the mid-game much easier, making it our top choice for FireRed and LeafGreen.

Can you get all three starters in Pokemon Red? ›

Actually, in Pokemon red/blue, you can legitimately catch all 3 starters.

What are the 3 legendary birds? ›

Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, the Legendary bird trio from the Pokémon franchise.

Which legendary bird is the best? ›

All three Legendary Birds are great, but Zapdos is the best overall as it can put in a decent performance across the Go Battle League, has the highest Attack stat of the trio, and is also one of the best Electric-type PvE attackers in the game.

Is Zapdos worth a master ball? ›

The Legendary Birds — Moltres, Zapdos, or Articuno

Since you only get one Master Ball, it's entirely your choice which of them you'd use it on.

What happens if you complete the pokedex in FireRed? ›

Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen - The player wins two diplomas for completing both the Kanto and National Dex. Pokémon Diamond & Pearl & Platinum - The player wins two diplomas for completing both the Sinnoh and National Dex.

Are there Gen 3 Pokémon in FireRed? ›

Yes they are.

Also, in FR/LG there are 3rd gen mechanics such as abilitites and natures as well as items and other 3rd gen features and HG/SS has 4th gen mechanics, abilities, etc.

How do you get all three starter Pokémon in FireRed? ›

Get all 3 starter Pokemon cheat code for Pokemon fire red - YouTube

How do you catch Mew in fire red? ›

That spot belongs to Mew, and unfortunately there is no longer a way to catch one legitimately, as Mew was an event Pokémon only distributed during Nintendo events. The only way to get Mew these days is to trade, or to use a code.

How do you enter cheat codes on Pokémon? ›

Select File > Open and choose the Pokémon Emerald ROM. When the game starts, select Cheats > Cheat list from the VBA menu. Select Gameshark. Enter the desired codes.

Can you catch Lugia in fire red? ›

Lugia and Ho-Oh can indeed be caught in Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen, but... it's not simple. Lugia and Ho-Oh are located on an island called Navel Rock. To go there, you need an item called the MysticTicket - a ticket for a ferry.

How do you use Cheats on my boy? ›

How to input CHEATCODES in MyBoy and Visual Boy Advance - YouTube

What type is Mewthree? ›

Mewthree is a dual-type Fire/Flying type Pokémon. Mewthree is No. 146 on the Pokédex. It is a sprite-swap of Moltres, and as such shares Moltres's typing, base stats, Pokédex data, icon, cry, shiny palette, and learn set.

Can Ditto beat Mewtwo? ›

Ditto will be a great glass cannon against mewtwo with shadow ball. It will die with the first ShB but a lvl 30 ditto manage to fire 2 ShB before he faint, doing more damage than anything except Ttar, and fast.

How do you emulate GameShark? ›

How To Enter Cheat Codes Into GBA Emulator Pokemon Emerald

Can you still cheat in Pokemon go? ›

If offenders reform their ways, they are welcomed back into the game. However, if offenders continue cheating, they will be permanently removed from the game in accordance with the Pokémon GO Terms of Service.

How do I add GameShark codes to MGBA? ›

  1. Load the game you want to cheat with. Then go to Tools > Cheats:
  2. Click on Add GameShark:
  3. You'll see an “Untitled” checked item appear in the white area. Double-click on it to enter the name of the code:
  4. Paste the GameShark code into the box shown below, then click Add.
  5. The GameShark cheat is added.
1 Jul 2022

Does zapdos Respawn Fire Red? ›

What can I do if I killed Zapdos and didn't save it in Pokemon FireRed? You only have one chance to catch him. If you've killed him, the only way to get another chance at catching him is through resetting a save point previous to you killing Zapdos.

Where is Mew and Mewtwo in Fire Red? ›

1 Answer. After you beat the Elite Four and get to island 4 of the sevii islands, you can go to Cerulean Cave in Cerulean City and Mewtwo is in there.

Where can I get a Masterball in Fire Red? ›

Master ball can be found in the Silph. Co. After defeating Giovanni the president will give it to you. Before you can access the door, you will need a Card Key, which can be found on the 5th floor!

How do you get unlimited money in Pokemon Fire Red? ›

At the code input screen that appears when you load the Action Replay, enter the code "29C78059 96542194" and press start.

How do you activate Cheats on GBA? ›

Plug the gaming aid into your system's game slot. Select the game from the main menu then select the cheat code using the control pad on the GBA. You can select more than one cheat code at a time. Remove the gaming aid and plug in the game cartridge.

How do you teleport in Pokemon Fire Red? ›

Teleport Code Pokemon Fire Red - YouTube


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